My name is Rachel (she/her) and I’m a full spectrum doula. I support people during their fertility journeys, which spans conception and pregnancy, labor and birth and the postpartum season. I also support those experiencing pregnancy loss, and those who don't want children but desire a deeper connection with their fertility.

My journey with this work started with my own birth story. My mother had an intense labor, delivering me at home with the help of a midwife. After growing up hearing the story of my birth and later living with a midwife who became a good friend, I realized that I was longing to attend births and support transformations.

My interests and passions have always been aligned with doula care, which allows me the creative freedom to find special ways to support my clients. I love incorporating things like ritual, comforting meals and moody photography into my offerings and enjoy collaborating with my clients by listening to their unique needs and desires.

I am committed to celebrating authentic emotions by reducing stigma around the word “moody” and embracing the full spectrum of feelings that come during hormonal shifts and transformations. I believe in offering trauma informed care and providing folks with the resources needed to make well-informed choices.

I am committed to confronting my racial and implicit biases by engaging regularly with anti-racist work and paying reparations. I hold myself and others accountable to a standard of care that respects an individual's choices by advocating for body autonomy and consent. I believe language is important and will use phrases like birthing person, menstruating folks, bodyfeeding, etc.

I look forward to supporting you and all your moods as you navigate the waters of being a hormonal being.