My name is Rachel (she/they) and I am a full spectrum doula. This means that I support people experiencing a range of transitions along the life spectrum like pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I also support people who are experiencing pregnancy loss, and those who desire a deeper connection with their fertility and hormones.

My journey with this work has been a long cycle of engaging with my own fertility and narrative in a complex way. My interests in performance art and trauma-informed psychotherapy eventually led me to this calling, where I can witness my clients navigate intense transitions with curiosity and compassion for the unknown.

I approach each relationship with my clients as a creative collaboration, finding unique ways to support them through ritual, food and meaningful conversations. Sometimes, this might look like asking hard questions as a way to engage with themes surrounding reproduction on a deeper level, embracing a full spectrum of feelings.

After attending births for nearly 10 years, I'm exploring the intersection between my role as an artists and as a skilled doula. Incorporating documentary photography into my practice has been a fluid way to continue this process of learning how the doula role can evolve beyond just care work and be seen as an art form in itself.

I am committed to confronting my racial and implicit biases by engaging regularly with anti-racist work and by paying reparations. I believe language is very important and will use phrases like birthing person, menstruating people, bodyfeeding, and so on. I hold myself and others in my field accountable to using inclusive language.

I deeply value and practice a standard of care that respects an individual's choices, and will advocate for body autonomy and consent. I meet regularly with other doulas in my community to receive care and offer support, and maintain accountability from my local doula community to a standard of practice that is peer reviewed.

I look forward to supporting you in all your moods as you navigate the experience of being a hormonal being.