Birth Doula Support + Photography - $3,200

My birth support is like a creative collaboration, focused on developing a relationship with you that will prioritize curating my support to your specific needs and desires for your birth. We will conduct two in person prenatal sessions leading up to 38 weeks gestation, using our time to create a plan based on your birth preferences. We'll also use this time to discuss postpartum and how we can set up support that will allow you to focus on rest and bonding with your baby. I'll cover movement/positions that we might use during your birth, and explore how you are feeling emotionally about the process of birth and postpartum.

I enjoy finding a balance between intentional planning and flexibility, looking for opportunities during your birth to offer creative ideas to help labor progress. I'm also experienced in navigating a planned cesarean birth and finding ways to help the experience of a belly birth feel empowering. My doula support is often described by my clients as calm, intuitive and trauma-informed. I have a background in dance that helps me think about how we can utilize movement and different positions to best engage baby in your pelvis.

Birth photography is included in this offering and has become a really special way for me to support clients through documentation of this important experience. My approach is to quietly observe and capture special moments while still offering hands on support. I exclusively photograph using black and white analog film, which I've found enhances the beautiful timeless and dreamlike quality of birth. Since film is an imperfect medium, my goal is not to capture every single minute but rather interpret the emotive parts of your birth.

This offering includes two postpartum visits within the first several weeks after birth to offer guidance and support around newborn care and feeding while prioritizing recovery. I'm very passionate about the mental health component of postpartum and spend time before and after your birth discussing how we can set up your support team to create a postpartum experience that feels restful. I also hold space for the emotions that can surface during this tender transition, and act as a conduit between you and community resources.

I work really well with folks who are interested in a collaborative relationship, since I view my support as both informational as well as creative. I've also enjoyed clients who bring a balance of intentional planning with lighthearted humor to their perinatal journey, finding that both are important when working together. I offer free 1 hour virtual consultations to discuss your birth and explore if we might be a good fit, please contact me here and I will respond within 48hrs via email with details about how to schedule a consult!