Birth & Postpartum Support - $3,200

My support is rooted in developing a relationship with you from the moment we meet, starting at any stage of your pregnancy. I view our relationship as a collaboration, curating my support to meet your specific needs as things unfold. I believe that feeling supported before, during and after birth will help deepen your experience.

We will have two in person sessions leading up to 38 weeks gestation, utilizing this time to build a relationship and explore your birth preferences. These sessions are a time for me to offer custom birth education while also holding space for your feelings and exploring the unknown elements of what surrendering to birth might look like.

My approach to birth is intuitive and trauma-informed with an emphasis on advocating for your preferences. I enjoy balancing intentional planning with flexibility, looking for opportunities to offer calm and creative ideas during labor. I find that birth looks different for everyone and I support the various ways folks decide to birth.

This offering includes two postpartum sessions, which gives me the chance to offer you continuity of care that extends beyond birth. My postpartum care is centered around you as the caregiver with each visit designed to leave you feeling rested and nourished. I'll cook for you, offer newborn care and actively listen.

I work really well with folks who are interested in exploring the emotional aspects of this transition and who wish to bring me on as a collaborative member of their support team. Contact me
here to send an inquiry, I'll be in touch about scheduling an hour long exploration call to chat more and see if we might be a good fit!

**This package also includes birth photography, which you can learn more about