My practice is unique because I believe that feeling supported before, during and after giving birth will deepen your experience and allows me the opportunity to fully customize my care based on your needs. This approach is grounded in offering you intuitive support over the course of many months by curating a relationship of trust. The emotions that surface during this time of deep transition should be met with support that is long term rather than short.

Birth Support - $2,500

My birth support is rooted in developing a relationship with you from the moment we meet, at any stage of your pregnancy. I love seeing the entire process unfold and offering support every step, from the moment we meet through your entire birth and into your postpartum season.

We will have monthly sessions leading up to 38 weeks, at which point I will be on-call for you and ready for your labor to begin. My approach is intuitive and trauma-informed with a desire to advocate for your ideal birth, balancing intentional planning with flexibility and collaboration.

This offering includes 12 hours of postpartum support. We'll schedule postpartum visits within the first three weeks after your baby is born, when I find my clients benefit from my visits the most. I'll offer newborn feeding support, cook you nourishing food and help you get some rest.

Postpartum Support - $60/hour ($50 for birth clients)

My postpartum care is centered around you as the caregiver. My desire for each visit is to leave you feeling rested, nourished and more confident. This approach is considered parent centered vs. baby centered, and will focus on how I can care for you as you are caring for your newborn.

Most home visits consist of time spent cooking you nourishing food, tidying around the house, setting up a pelvic floor steam with customized herbs and supporting you with infant feeding. I will ask you questions about how your experience is going and hold space for your emotions.

My availability is Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm. Typically, clients will schedule 4 to 6 hour visits. Please note that I'm located in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle and that additional travel fees may apply to clients who are located 10 miles outside of the 98103 area. 

Please reach out here to schedule a free virtual consultation and explore if we're a good fit!