All folks with hormones deserve customized doula support, regardless of where you're at in your reproductive journey. My desire is to shift doula support from exclusively birth and postpartum into full spectrum care that acknowledges every stage of reproductive health as valuable, sacred and deserving of custom doula support.

Doula Consultation - $50/hour

This virtual session will be a time for you to bring your questions about my experience as a doula and how I’ve structured my business and created client offerings. I’ll share resources on how to navigate your entrance into the doula world if you're just starting out, or brainstorm ideas for how to brand and customize a business that will attract your ideal clients. All the proceeds from this offering will directly fund my pregnancy loss support.

Intuitive Fertility Support - $50/hour

This virtual offering is for anyone craving a deeper understanding of their fertility, exploring the intricacies of your menstrual cycle and discussing ways that you can live in unique collaboration with your hormones. I will share resources about birth control options and period care, and offer support as you navigate preconception and family planning methods. All the proceeds from this offering will directly fund my pregnancy loss support.

Pregnancy Loss Support - No cost

This offering is for anyone seeking intuitive & informational support for their pregnancy loss. My approach is similar to how I would support someone in the postpartum period, with meal planning and nourishing food, facilitating rest and self-care through rituals like vaginal steaming, and offering compassionate and trauma-informed companionship. This support can be offered either virtually or in the greater Seattle (98103) area.

I offer free virtual consultations, please reach out here to schedule a session and explore if we're a good fit!