Doula Mentorship Session- $320

This offering is a 2 hour session held over Zoom to discuss your call to doula work in depth and create a plan to structure, brand and market your business. This offering is ideal for folks who are looking for a collaborative experience, either just starting out on their journey or on the precipice of rebranding and launching an already existing practice. This could also benefit those experiencing fatigue or burn out in their practice who are looking for a fresh perspective on how to shift things to a more sustainable flow.

Topics that we might cover include how to navigate the early days of creating a doula practice, training and certification options, how to intentionally brand your business to attract your ideal clients and how to approach this lifestyle in a sustainable way. I love to brainstorm new ideas and explore the creative side of this work, so we can utilize this call as a time to generate and flesh out concepts that you might have in mind for your practice. I'll also share the many creative resources I've collected over the years.

Prior to meeting, you'll receive an extensive intake form to complete that will help me gauge what topics to cover during our sessions while also giving you an opportunity to begin exploring your own thoughts and feelings about doula work. After 10 years of supporting births, I have a passion for the intricacies of birth work but also have experience with postpartum and pregnancy loss care and can offer a rounded approach to full spectrum care. Be ready to bring your questions, curiosity and readiness to collaborate!

Please reach out here to introduce yourself and schedule a session!