Placenta encapsulation offers an opportunity to thank this unique organ for the role it played in growing your baby during pregnancy, and benefit from how it can nourish you during the postpartum season. Read my blog post here about why I think it's important to curate a way to thank your placenta for all the work it has done.

Placenta pill encapsulation - $300

I will travel to your birth location or home after you give birth and pick up your placenta. I will then process it in my home using a method of cleaning, steaming, and dehydrating your placenta. This will then be ground to a fine powder and encapsulated into pill form for you to consume the weeks and months following your birth.

If you are already my birth client, I will simply take your placenta home with me following your birth and bring it to our first postpartum visit. Placenta encapsulation is offered to birth clients at a discounted rate of $200.

Benefits to ingesting your placenta may include things like:

- Increased milk supply
- Replenished iron levels
- Decreased risk of PMDD
- Increased oxytocin levels
- Decreased stress hormones

I offer free virtual consultations, please reach out here to schedule a session and explore if we're a good fit!